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  1. Hanny, well done! These are insightful visualizations of the data, and help understand long-term trends. I’m surprised your website isn’t more widely referenced, as there is too much bad/incomplete information in the media.

    • Hi Gattu,

      I built the site specifically to help combat the problem with biased/incomplete statistics. Unfortunately, it seems like major Canadian media (aside from a few high-quality publications that strive for unbiased work) continue to quote press releases rather than do their own analytical work to find meaningful insights. Thanks for the kind words, I love hearing from people who truly understand and value the unbiased view on my site.


  2. Thank you for the non biased evaluation. I followed your site a few years back when you posted your link on Toronto comments section. I also referred your data to the Greater Fool website. When media get their data from the so called real estate professionals. It’s always skewed to their favour. Keep up the good work.

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